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Are you ready for the Battle?

The clash between graphic designers.

Download the layout and start working

Design Battles

The main task is to create a personal interpretation of the Projection's logo in accordance with the layout available to download from official website of the conference.
The idea and creativity are the key criterion, however the quality of the finished work is also crucial.

What is the course of the Battles?

Battle plan

Find your Inspiration.

Battle plan

Download the template from:

Battle plan

Create a graphic Interpretation of the Projections' logo using the template.

Battle plan

Upload your design to:

Battle plan

Don't forget to include your Inspiration along with its author/source.

Battle plan

Wait for the announcement of the finalists selected for the exhibition.

A selection of the most interesting projects will be chosen by the Jury and displayed at the exhibition during the conference on the 5th of November 2016 at Concordia Design.

The winner of the Battle will be chosen during the conference by everyone who will take part in the Projections event and vote. The resultswill be known at the end of the conference during the award ceremony.

The Jury consists of well-known and talented designers, who will pick the Battles finalists. All of the submissions will be showcased in the Projections gallery.

Submission starts on 15-09-2016 and end on 20-10-2016

Please, read the Design Battles Rules before submitting your work.

Download the layout and start working

They already said yes to the Battles

Kamil Sarnowski

Creative Director at Ground Game

Piotr Płoch

Graphic Designer / Ollestudio

Krzysztof Łabno

Senior Graphic Designer / Creogram

Adrian Knopik

Co-Owner / Fuse Collective

Jacek Janiczak

Freelance Graphic Designer

Jury 2016

Team logo

Łukasz Słotwiński

Creative Director nc+ / Design Canal

Team logo

Oskar Podolski

Owner / OESU

Team logo

Bartek Walczuk

Associate Creative Director w 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT

Team logo

Angelika Gromotka

Brand Director / STGU

Submit your design!


The Submission Form is working. However, if any of you come across an ERROR, we still accept submissions via email:

Each submission should include:

  • #1. Name and Surname
  • #2. Phone number *
  • #3. Portfolio link *
  • #4. Competition entry (or a link to an external server)
  • #5. Your Inspiration
  • #6. Author/source of the Inspiration
  • #7. Following sentence: "I <Your Name and Surname>, hereby declare that I have read and agree to the Design Batles Terms & Conditions”
Add your project
Attach the example of your inspiration

Accepted file formats: PDF, AI, JPG in CMYK 300 DPI.

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